Dear friends, welcome to Festival del Silenzio.

Once again, this year, you are invited to know the work by artists with different origin and culture, including native signers, people using sign language as their mother language.

Every proposal that you will encounter, dance, theatre, visual art, cinema, has been thought for any kind of audience, of each language or origin.

This year, in a stronger way, we want to be promoter of an equal and real access and we want to send a signal to the cultural industry: it is necessary to work for ensuring that every show, every art form is accessible to everyone. At the festival you will, therefore, meet different proposals conceived, or if necessary modified for this occasion, in order to be understandable and appreciated without necessarily knowing one language or another, spoken or signed.

Thanks to the collaboration with IETM, the Festival hosts the Milan Satellite Meeting 2019 “Language and communication barriers in art and culture” which is a further signal of our effort.

We invite you to open your mind and your gaze to a new experience and to welcome the marvelous diversity and uniqueness that everyone can donate to the others.

And do not forget to have fun! Because only in lightness we can appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.



Legal recognition of LIS – Italian Sign Language as a proper language is one of the main goals of Festival del Silenzio.

In Europe, Italy is the only Country still missing a legal national recognition of its own Sign Language, despite the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities of 2006, ratified by the Italian Government with law 18/2009, expressly protects the specific linguistic-cultural identity of deaf people, indicating to States to recognize these languages ​​by promoting their acquisition and use.

The legal recognition of LIS as a linguistic minority would guarantee the right to every deaf / signing person to choose how to communicate and integrate: an effective and unlimited access to information and culture, communication, education, services, social life and work, a fair political and legal representation.

In a nutshell: full citizenship rights, in accordance with the provisions of Article 6 of the Italian Constitution which states "The Republic protects linguistic minorities with specific rules"

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