project and direction Ariella Vidach, Claudio Prati

choreography and dance Ariella Vidach

duration 25’


VOXsolo is an interactive performative action that creates a space / landscape in which the interpreter reinvents the relationship with essential and alterable expressions such as voice, sounds, images. We look into the expressive richness of the human voice, into its evocative power to which a key role is given in dramaturgical development and which in this flow of data becomes an element of cohesion as well as a generator of images.


AiEP is an artistic laboratory dedicated to expressive research focused on the innovation of language and centered on current contents such as the perception of one's own body in relation to the virtual environment and new technologies. In over twenty years of activity the artistic directors, Ariella Vidach (choreographer and dancer) and Claudio Prati (video artist), have explored the use of interactive media in relation to body and movement, creating increasingly refined and suggestive works of multimedia art. In addition to the production of shows, AiEP plays an important role in disseminating knowledge about interactive technologies applied to performing art at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan, organizing festivals and production residences for young authors.

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