project and direction Carlo Maria Vella

performers Luana Bigioni, Maria Caggianelli, Laura Fabbiani, Marta Gavazzi, Simona Ornaghi

masks Marco Bonadei

Lis mediator Paola Zannini

duration 45’


Nel segno del minotauro is the winning project of the competition "In principio era il segno" promoted by the Festival of Silence 2018 and was born with the intention of enhancing the deaf culture by signing through experimentation with different non-verbal languages.

Theater, Dance and Sound are combined and integrated into the LIS, Italian Sign Language, used to reveal the figure of the Minotaur.

The show tells a path, during which the ability to communicate acquires an essential role.

On stage, deaf and hearing actresses become fixed presence that use the body, the signs and the dance to represent the Labyrinth and the Characters that inhabit it. The Minotaur begins a journey of humanization and the search for its own identity. The turning point is the meeting with the "Other", the Public and Arianna.


Carlo Maria Vella is a thirty-year-old Milanese artist, interested in theater, photography and visual communication. Trained at the schools of "Quelli di Grock" and "Scimmie Nude", he currently collaborates with the theater companies "Io Non Parlo, Sono Parlato" and "Laboratorio Silenzio", conducting a personal research path on the expressive possibilities of his deafness in the Theater.

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