by and with Chiara Bersani

duration 60’


What happens if a figure with mythological features appears in the collective imagination deprived of a myth that justifies and describes its existence? A symbol is born. Fragile. Uprooted. Perfect sacrificial victim for anyone who wants to fill it with meanings. Thus the Unicorn has changed form and meaning over the centuries to become a contemporary pop icon. The Unicorn, a creature without a homeland and without history, has been used and abused by the human being, deprived of the right to speak. With Gentle Unicorn, Chiara Bersani wants to compensate him for the injuries suffered. Give him a story, a love, a choice. And a body. Her own.


Chiara Bersani (born in 1984) is an Italian artist active in the fields of visual and performing arts. Her training takes place mainly in the field of theatrical research with contamination from contemporary dance and Performing Art. In 2016 she started a co-creation project with the choreographer Marco Agostin based on the respective political, ethical and artistic proximity. The first creation, The Olympic Games, is supported internationally with the co-production between K3 | Kampnaghel (Hamburg) and the European project BeSpeectACTive !. Affected by a medium-severe form of Osteogenesis Imperfecta, she is interested in the political significance of the bodies, starting in 2013 a research project articulated in three performative experiments. She is currently among the scholarship holders of the Higher School in Screenplay for Cinema FARE CINEMA directed by Marco Bellocchio. Gentle Unicorn is hes first solo.

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