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Fattoria Vittadini was born in 2009 in Milan, where Spazio Fattoria is its headquarter since 2018.

The two main creative activities of the company are inviting external choreographers to collaborate with and supporting ideas and proposals of the founders, which let the collective be liquid, a soul with many different characters. In 2018, the company has been awarded with the prize Hystrio - Corpo a corpo and successfully captured by the dance documentary movie it’s a little Bit messy… written and directed by Francesca Pedroni, Classica HD.

Fattoria Vittadini claims with no hanger a deep, humble, calm, honest and open re-thinking of us and the world around us, within the belief of a necessary being always ready to learn. Therefore, through years Fattoria Vittadini keeps reflecting on present, strongly connected to the theme of inclusion to promote an accessible culture, with no language barriers.

That is how the company has created shows accessible for hearing and signing audience: Esemplari femminili (female specimens), an intense duo on being woman, by Tamar Grosz e Francesca Penzo, which has lately involved Rita Mazza as a signing performer and iLove, storical duet performed in Italy and abroad, which has now been renewed with the use of Italian Sign Language.


RITA MAZZA Artistic director

Rita Mazza grew up in Turin but she currently lives in Berlin. First in Italy, then in London and later in Germany, she has always been working as an actress and collaborated in the creation and staging of shows for signers and non signers.

She played Sarah in Sons of a Lesser God by Mark Medoff with his colleague Giorgio Lupano in the production of the Artisti Associati company. Currently she is on tour as a signing performer in Esemplari Femminili by Fattoria Vittadini, as well as holding conferences and workshops on sign language and signing culture and on access to communication.

LIS (Italian sign language) is her mother tongue but she is also fluent in DGS (German sign language) and LSF (French sign language).




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