project and performance Filippo Calcagno

direction Alessio Dalla Costa

voice Maria Vittoria Barrella

duration 45’

Dante in Visual Art mixes sign language and images, giving life to a new stage language which goes beyond any language barrier. Filippo Calcagno, a young and talented sign actor, tells a few cantos from Dante’s Inferno, accompanied by the voice of the actress Maria Vittoria Barrella, while the Illustrations by Gustave Doré evoke the same passages of the Divine Comedy.


An enigmatic name for one of the first theatrical companies of the city of Trento, founded in 1996 and active from the beginning in both theatrical production and training. Today Emit Flesti is a cultural association that deals with training, both theatrical and corporate, and theatrical production, also collaborating with other organizations present in the provincial and national territory. The formative and artistic direction is co-managed by Alessio Dalla Costa and Annalisa Morsella who aim at a work that puts the person at the center, from theater to theater training, from communication to theatrotherapy, focusing on the quality of a few and carefully selected in-depth studies, dedicated not only to actors or aspiring actors, but also to those who want to improve the quality and awareness of their way of communicating and relating to others.

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