by and with Cesare Bendetti e Riccardo Olivier

light design Roberta Faiolo, Giulia Pastore

duration 50’


iLove is a male duet and speaks of love. Two characters find themselves sharing the same space: they study, present themselves, try to expose themselves. They look for themselves, their relationship, their being men. But what does it mean to be a man?

‘Mascolino’, ‘masculine’, ‘macho’, ‘true man’ are labels with which you play on stage, wear them, compare yourself to; plastic poses of a more imitative than effective classicism, an advertising-like one, a Machist exhibitionism, the simple way of dressing a jogging suit half-worn from the beginning, as an identity partly biological and partly created by living it.


Fattoria Vittadini was founded in 2009 in Milan by the will of 11 students graduated from the Atelier of TeatroDanza of the Paolo Grassi School. The aim was to remain united, even if so numerous and heterogeneous, creating a place of continuous training and professional development, of artistic, collective and individual growth, and of research and contamination with other artists. Thanks to the practice of getting involved with external artists, the company had the opportunity to work with Ariella Vidach, Lucinda Childs, Yasmeen Godder, Virgilio Sieni and Alessandro Certini, Maya Weinberg, matanicola, Giulio D'Anna, Maya Carrol, Daniel Abreu. Among the awards received by the company is the 2015 Franco Abbiati Hystrio Corpo a Corpo Prize in 2018. In September 2018, SPAZIO FATTORIA, the company's first headquarters, was inaugurated at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan.

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