by and with Noemi Bresciani

co-production Fattoria Vittadini

duration 30’


"Fragile is female. Is there anything braver than showing Fragility?"

From the choreographic point of view, fragility is strongly connected to the element of the soil. Many of the feelings assumed by the character are indeed ground-connected: indecision, dissatisfaction, anger, but also spontaneity, ingenuity, love.

And the bond with motherhood is also earthly, an image evoked by the belly-watermelon. However, the message is not unique. Fragile incites us to life, to freedom and to the courage of our actions.


Fragile Artists is a group of performers, photographers and a dramaturg who investigate on the relationship between dance and photography. Their research is focused on developing a “photographic dramaturgy” method and on performances about body, image and identity in the contemporary society. Fragile Artists are Noemi Bresciani, Silvia Dezulian, Carola Ducoli, Laura Ghelli, Giulia Laddago, Irene Petra Zani, Alice Raffaelli, Desirée Sacchiero

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