project byJacque-André Dupont

Live Organic Painting Oilhack

Electronic Music Clément Destephen

duration 40’


MIM - The Medium Is the Massage is a tactile choreography. In fact, it uses interpersonal contact as a form of expression, proposing an intimate experience in which sound and touch guide the participants through an immersive journey, in which senses merge into new combinations, altering their state and connecting the body and mind. At the crossroads of art and wellness, the Touch Choreography is a contemporary art form. It is the art, or practice, of devising sequences of movements to be performed on the body of the spectator who lives them as a tactile experience. Experiencing tactile choreography in a state of receptivity (non-active) on one's own body allows the public to become a spectator of one's own sensations: watching the dance "happen" on the stage of one's own body.



Jacque-Andé Dupont is a Franco-Colombian media artist based in Bologna. He explores the relationship between tangible and invisible, technology and nature. His artistic approach is based on the use of light in space as a dramatic element within performances, installations or scenographies. Interested in developing a pedagogical approach, he holds regular conferences and workshops in the Scholastic Institutes of Berlin. At the same time, his research is also interested in the relationship between body, technology and choreography according to the tactile choreography methodology that gave birth to the interim performance of MIM - the Medium Is the Massage. He is part of Onde Collective.

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