Project and choreography Kay Schuttel

performers Michela Bonetti, Giulia D’antiga, Elena Fontana Paganini, Erica Meucci, Annalisa Luise, Giulia Pardi, Alessandra Pasina, Tullia Primultini, Edoardo Sgambato, Carlo Maria Vella

duration 15’


The site-specific durational performance Where are you now? choreography is based on the observation of people with mobile phones in public space.

By repeating hundreds of times the necessary movements to interact with their devices, the performers begin to show similarities with the devices themselves.

Set in public places, the scene becomes a mirror that reflects the behavior of people in that same space.


Kay Schuttel is in Amsterdam-based artist whose work explores the evolution of corporeal vocabularies and the intersection between performance and visual art. Schuttel has recently exhibited her work in (only) DITS Gallery, Amsterdam (NL), Viafarini, Milan (IT) and Vermont Studio Center, Vermont (US). She is a tutor at the Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE), where she is currently head of a Minor of third year students to create an alternative form of Design Education, based in Matera (IT).

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