Kids are welcome to Festival! The Kindergarden curated by Lisabilità, an association born in Venice with the aim of spreading and enhancing LIS as a natural language, offers every day bilingual (Italian / LIS) play activities and workshops for children 5 to 10 years old.

Opening time: thursday 2-11 pm; friday, saturday, sunday 10 am – 11 pm



performance by Valentina Pagliarani | Katrièm

age from 7 | duration 60’

The performance starts from the relationship between infantile thought and adults’ constant questioning on an issue: what is that thing that we call happiness on Planet Earth?



VV Dragon ball 

performance by Fabio Zamparo

age 4-7 | duration 30’


Children will get excited with one of the most famous cartoon, in a visual performance with signs and images

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