script, music and direction Jerzy Zon

Performers Karolina Bondaronek, Paulina Lasyk, Grażyna Srebrny-Rosa, Justyna Wójcik, Marta Zoń, Sławek Bendykowski, Bartek Cieniawa, Paweł Monsiel/Krzysztof Tyszko, Michał Orzyłowski

masks concept Spitfire Company – mask design Joanna Jaśko-Sroka

Included in the programme “Economy” by Zona K

duration 60’


Peregrinus is a touring show, without words, profound and suggestive that draws inspiration from the poetry of T.S.Eliot to cast an eye on a precise historical moment: ours. Homo Peregrinus is a "formatted", predictable human being, devoid of emotion and personality. A "normal" contemporary individual, whose life is divided between home and work. His wanderings in the search for a meaning to give to his existence are reflected in his daily life, devoid of spirituality, love or beauty, in a digital world, sad, terrible and grotesque, in which consumerism is the only religion.


KTO Theater is a Polish collective of urban performance founded in 1977 which is now a real institution in Krakow, of which it has the status of Municipal Theater since 2005, having staged the most relevant historical events of Polish and European history: De la Révolution, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution, The Refugees on the fall of the Berlin Wall, The Polish Chronicle on the occasion of the entry of Poland into Europe, to name a few. KTO Theater has also organized 31 editions of the International Street Theater Festival in Krakow as well as other cultural projects.

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