lead by Serena Crocco

duration 60’


In a society overloaded with sound stimuli, SI’LɛNTSJOse Tracce offers an experience of shared silence and reconnection with the landscape. It is a path in which a group of participants is called to be both a spectator and a performer of a collective creation. The participants, led in a silent walk in single file through the streets of the city, are called to rediscover in an extra-everyday way the space that surrounds them and to leave traces of their passage through small performative actions. Silence becomes a state of the soul that allows one to refine the other senses and put oneself in a situation of real listening.


A theater group composed of deaf and hearing Italians and foreigners, born in 2016 and directed by Serena Crocco, Laboratorio Silenzio is a project that draws on the concept expressed by John Cage in 4'33 '', a silent work in which the composer suggests to the performer not to play for the entire duration of the song with the intent of demonstrating that absolute silence does not exist, because it is always filled with something else, first of all by the noise from the bodies that inhabit it. In this sense, Laboratorio Silenzio aims to investigate silence as a place of possibility, making non-verbal communication its strong point and producing site-specific visual and itinerant performances.

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