project by Qui e Ora Residenza Teatrale

direction and visual Silvia Gribaudi

performers Francesca Albanese, Silvia Baldini e Laura Valli

duration 50’


On stage three semi-naked bodies deliberately highlighted: bodily masses that are alive, uncensored and true, very different from those we are still used to seeing today. Three women no longer young but not old, certainly not perfect. But beautiful insofar they are authentic. And  willing, in a surreal show and off their own ego, to offer themselves to the public for what they are : bodies with no home and no own space, ready to chase, devour and multiply their own shadows. With a light step and an ironic and tragicomic look on women.

MY PLACE marks the occasion to compare two different and similar poetics. Two looks on the feminine. The search for movement that comes from unconventional bodies and the experimentation on autograph dramaturgy, the ironic gaze and the investigation of the contemporary meet.


Qui e Ora Residenza Teatrale was set in 2008. It’s a production company and an artist-inresidence, highly focused on the contemporary and connected to the local territory. It promotes cultural projects where theatre enters unusual places. Qui e Ora

elaborates on womanhood through workshops, surveys and producing plays (“Mothers. A concert for mistakes and intimacy”, 2012; “Short of lies“, 2013; “Saga Salsa”, 2014 “I will survive 2018).

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