V/DA & MHz in association with FERAL (GB)


Performance/Choreography Mele Broomes | V/DA

Design/Performance Direction Bex Anson and Dav Bernard | MHz

Character and Concept Consultants  Ashanti Harris and Adura Onashile Dramaturg: Lou Cope

Producers Jill Smith, Kathryn Boyle and Conner Milliken | Feral

Supported by Creative Scotland, Made in Scotland, Tramway and Summerhall.

duration 60’


VOID reimagines JG Ballard’s cult novel Concrete Island through the lens of a black female protagonist - staged as a meshing of experimental dance and abstract glitch video landscapes. Blending typically Ballardian themes of liminal spaces and urban paranoia with contemporary theories from radical identity studies, Mele Broomes performs risk taking choreography to the backdrop of an industrial soundscape.


Trained as a gymnast, Mele Broomes’ work experiments with the extremities of movement and voice whilst investigating contemporary practice of African Diasporic dance, notably as one of the lead artists of Project X. Her recent show Grin inverts the continued colonial narratives of black bodies and Caribbean dance styles. VOID continues this exploration by subverting Ballard's cult classic with a performance that combines skillfully crafted choreography and physical feats.

For several years Dav Bernard (AV Designer) has been exploring reactive and immersive video environments through his visual arts practice and conceived a video system for VOID that produces constantly evolving (generative) video compositions which can be manipulated live to respond to the performer's choreogra-phy. The resulting visual grammar is stylish yet chaotic and echoes both the book's architectural landscape and the character's existential dilemma.

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