Think different, play local


project by ZONA K

direction Andrea Ciommiento

supervision Roger Bernat

collective creation Anes Fettar, Deborah Yebout, George Vasquez Colonia, Imane Mouslim, Issaka Abdou, Jaouher Brahim, Kausar El Allam, Leandro Perez, Mariam Lahmpur, Milagros De Los Santos, Momo Moukett, Sabina Ali, Silvio Bruscaglia, Sumaya Jabril

duration 40’


A public space, a group of people, a voice in the headphones that asks questions, gives instructions, suggestions. The audience moving in the space.

Who are today the global and local tribes of the cities? Where are they now while you're here? How many kilometers will you need to leave them out of your private space?

Protagonists of gLocal Generation are young second-generation Milanese that trigger a series of mechanisms for the direct involvement of the public, thus transforming the spectators themselves into actors. The spectator has not only to listen to them but also to respond, react, execute, interpret.

gLocal Generazione is an artistic production to give voice to the new generations of multi-ethnic societies.


ZONA K is a cultural center.   It hosts events of theater, cinema, dance, music, visual art with particular attention to contemporary expressions and reflections on the present.

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